About Clinic

Designer Bodyz

Dr. Parag Telang founded 'Designer Bodyz' with an aim to be genuine in the field of cosmetic & plastic surgeries. No false promises and no non-scientific treatments. It is a fully equipped hospital that not only provides surgical but as well as non-surgical aesthetic treatments of international standards.

And we are determined to make your life, what you want it to be!

What we do?

A hospital can become a center of excellence only when there is a team of dynamic and dedicated individuals who are very well trained with their respective jobs in a set-up. Of course, this needs the guidance and inspiration from a Team Leader and the vision and foresight of the Founder.

Our Modus Operandi

Our dedicated staff comprises of a board-certified plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dermatologist, experienced patient coordinators, efficient therapists, and skilled nursing team. We have left no stone unturned to help our patients achieve their desired results. And today, we feel proud to be known as Mumbai's most preferred cosmetic surgery center.

The best surgery happens in the consultation!