11 Oct 2018

Breast Reduction Surgery – Find Out Who Can Undergo the Surgery!

Disproportionate or much larger breasts discomfort you. Isn’t it? Having big breasts is not only about the aesthetic appeal of your body rather it also creates health problems like heaviness or pain in the shoulders and back. You would better relate to all of these issues if your breasts are oversized or disproportionate.
But, there’s no reason to panic or feel low about this. Breast reduction surgery is meant to shed away the extra fat or glandular tissues in order to reduce the size of the breasts.

Pain of having oversized breasts

Many women desire to have big breasts but, not oversized and disproportional ones. There’s a difference between the two. One can only look attractive if all the body parts are proportionate to each other. If you have oversized or much bigger breasts, you might be dealing with the following issues:

  1. Less active lifestyle: Dr. Parag Telang, one of the most trusted breast reduction surgeons in Mumbai states that oversized breasts may lead to an inactive/less active lifestyle. Even if you like outdoor sports, you may have to think twice before jumping into the game. It hampers your day to day activities as well.
  2. Infection and rashes under the breasts: As most of the times, the heavy breasts are leaning downwards, it becomes more prone to rashes, irritation, and infection in those areas.
  3. Sagging Breasts: Heavy and large breasts lead to sagging of the breasts which disturbs the appeal of your figure. It may also affect a person’s self-esteem.
  4. Severe health issues like neck and back pain: Due to the heaviness and overweight of large breasts, it can cause pain in neck, shoulders or upper back regions.
  5. You struggle to get the right fitting of clothes: Heavy breasts are mostly disproportionate and disturb the symmetry of your body which means if your clothes are fitting in the lower regions of the body, then it might not fit on your breasts and vice versa. Thus, it becomes an uphill task to dress properly.
  6. Lower self-esteem: As it causes a lot of discomforts and challenges your dressing, thus it eventually lowers down your self-confidence. It inculcates a sense of disliking towards your own body.
  7. Less Social Interactions: As you lose your confidence because of large and sagging breasts, you may start to avoid social gatherings. It hampers your social life badly.

Right candidates for breast reduction surgery

You are the right candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

  1. You are a woman with at least 18 years of age.
  2. You are not suffering from obesity.
  3. You must not be going through a weight loss program
  4. You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  5. You possess a sound health and must not be diagnosed with diabetes or heart disorder
  6. You need to quit smoking completely before the surgery.
  7. The most important one, you must have a realistic expectation from the surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is the best clinical solution for extra large breasts. It makes your figure more symmetrical and attractive. You can consult Dr. Parag Telang at ‘Designer Bodyz’ for the best breast reduction surgery in Mumbai. If you wish to know more about this procedure please write to us at or call on 7506710258 to book an appointment.