04 Mar 2018

Women Centric Cosmetic surgery procedures under one roof!

With the number of women in corporate world and showbiz rising all the time, more and more women are now opting for cosmetic surgeries which range from the Mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast upliftment, Face and necklift to vaginal rejuvenation and many more. Designer Bodyz, Centre for Advanced Cosmetic surgery offers all these treatments and more under one roof:

Q. What is exactly done in a tummy tuck ?
Ans: Tummy tuck is a procedure to eliminate loose skin and stretch marks resulting from pregnancy by surgically removing this skin. The incision is similar to a C-section and is completely hidden in the bikini area. It is advisable to complete your family before going ahead with this procedure.

Q. Does the belly bulge get corrected after a tummy tuck?
Ans: The post-pregnancy belly bulge is a combination of fat, loose skin and also loose muscle. The looseness of muscle is called as divarication of recti. In a tummy tuck, the loose rectus muscle on the front of the belly is tightened from inside so that the bulge is corrected. This is usually combined with a liposuction of the love handles and hips to give the perfect hourglass figure.

Q. Can you explain breast upliftment surgery? Does it affect breast feeding?
Ans: In a breast upliftment surgery there are concealed incisions taken around the areola and in the crease under the breast to lift the nipple-areola up and reshape the breast tissue. The aim of this surgery is to correct sagging of the breasts and give a youthful, perky shape to them. The marks typically fade out 3-6 months after the surgery. The procedure is done with the aim to preserve the nipple sensation and the breast ductules, thereby allowing women to breast feed even after this surgery.

Q. What about the latest trend for getting genital rejuvenation done post-pregnancy?
Ans: The genital area undergoes a major transformation after a child birth, especially in someone who has had a normal vaginal delivery. The vaginal tissues tend to become loose. A lot of women undergo a vaginoplasty procedure to tighten the vagina to the pre-pregnancy size. This can be combined with a labia reduction as well.

Q. what is a Facelift? How does a thread lift work?
Ans: Facelift is a procedure designed to tighten the layers of the face and neck using incisions concealed in the hairline. This is usually offered to women of older age group after the 50s. For younger age group a threadlift works very well. A thread lift uses tiny suture barbs that act as a hook to gather the skin layers upward, thereby tightening the skin. The barbs are attached to a thread which remains in place following the procedure. There is no nipping or tucking.

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