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Over a period of time, women experience various kind of changes in her body. Sagging breasts and loss of perkiness is natural and states the undeniable fact of ageing. Breasts tend to lose firmness and fullness which in turns make it appear out of shape. Causes of sagging breasts There can be multiple causes for sagging breasts and some of them are listed as below: 1. Pregnancy Female bodies undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. The ligaments that support your breast stretch out during pregnancy making your bosom feel heavier. Post pregnancy, this stretching might lead to sagging of breasts and thus loosening it further. 2. Extensive weight fluctuations Significant changes in the body weight are one of the major causes of sagging breasts and loss of elasticity. 3. Gravity Gravity takes on its natural course of action and causes breast ligaments to stretch out and sag over time. What is a breast lift surgery? A breast lift surgery is a medical procedure in which the breasts are “lifted” by the removal of excess skin & tissues and raising the nipple and areolae area. It is a procedure that helps restore the firmness and perkiness of breasts making it look fuller and aesthetically pleasing. This not only impacts how we look.