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Abdominoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Look perfect and feel great with improved quality of life with abdominoplasty surgery.

Massive weight changes after pregnancy, rapid weight loss, or after bariatric surgery, cause various changes to occur in the abdomen area, resulting in loose skin, excess fatty tissue, and weakened or separated abdominal wall muscles. Pregnancy causes the abdominal wall to stretch quicker than the skin can naturally expand. This causes the skin to stretch and tear and leads to stretch marks formation. At the initial phase, the stretch marks are red, and with time they fade to a lighter, paler and often appear as silver colored patches on the skin. After pregnancy and excess weight loss, some fat cells are removed, and the body shrinks down. But, the skin with stretch marks, has lost its elasticity and is not going to contract or tighten up.

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty removes this hanging or loose skin and reshapes the sagging skin according to the body curves. People often think about the scars formed after tummy tuck surgery. The scar of the tummy tuck surgery is hidden in the bikini line (within normal underwear) or low down below the belly area. There are various other techniques available that help to diminish the appearance of a scar, and with time the appearance of scar also reduces. Pregnancy is limited to belly area, but people who have undergone massive weight loss, in such a case excess fat is removed from multiple body areas that result in sagging skin, in the front, sides, back, chest, thighs, and arms. Dr. Parag Telang, an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon provides customized treatment like body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, neck lift, chest lift so that each and every concern can be addressed.

Abdominoplasty, a surgical procedure, removes excess hanging skin and exercise-resistant fat deposits from the lower tummy area surgically, including body area from the belly button to the groin crease (above the pubic area) and from hip to hip area. Then the remaining skin present above the belly button of the tummy area is lifted and tightened, and the belly button is repositioned (if required), but the actual position is not changed, and the rectus muscles of the abdomen muscles are tightened and repaired. This surgery also provides medical benefits such as the umbilical hernias are repaired, increase in core strength, and it also provides relief from skin rashes, neck pain, back pain, and discomfort caused by heavy sagging skin. The procedure results in a beautiful flat appearance of the tummy area.

Types of tummy tuck surgical procedures:

Mini tummy tuck: In this procedure, a small incision is made in the groin crease. The patient with limited excess skin and limited muscle separation can undergo this procedure. It is also an attractive option for many people as it requires a minimal abdominal incision. The scar is often minimal, and the belly button is not moved. It works best if there is less need for major muscle tightening. Loose skin and fat are removed from the area above the pubis, and sometimes liposuction is also done to achieve more improved shape, and sometimes a little work is also done at the belly button level. There is no scar around the belly button, and the recovery time is usually quick, and the scar is shorter because fewer muscles are tightened.

Standard (full) tummy tuck: In this full abdominoplasty procedure, the scar is carefully placed below the bikini line or above the pubic area from hip to hip. Then the surgeon pulls torn muscles together and stitches them in place. This procedure allows the abdominal muscles to be tightened with full length from the pubic bone to the breast bone area. The belly button is also cut around and freed from the skin and is brought out through a new hole at the end of the procedure. The surgeon removes excess fat, pulls down the skin, and trim off the excess. This surgery allows maximum improvement in the abdominal shape and strength, and the scar is placed below the bikini line. The surgery gives more widespread contour improvement in the abdominal region, after multiple pregnancies or following dramatic weight loss.

Dr. Parag Telang, utilizes the most modern techniques for tummy tuck surgery to maximize the quality of the final outcome, and to make the operation as comfortable as possible. He also compares the two procedures visually that help one to decide which cosmetic surgery is right for them during the consultation period. To know more about Abdominoplasty in Dubai, get a consultation from an experienced and skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr, Parag Telang.

Dr. Parag Telang, during the consultation period, asks a number of questions regardingthe patient’s medical background, history of any previous surgeries, and the general tummy tuck concerns that need to be corrected. Then after a physical assessment, Dr. Parag assesses the belly area and the concerns related to the skin fat and muscles. Once the patient is assessed, a surgical plan is created to provide the patient with desired outcomes. Then the surgeon discusses the recovery period, risk, and complications associated with the surgery that allows one to make an informed decision. Photos are also taken both before and after surgery for medical records.

Schedule a consultation today with the best surgical treatment for Abdominoplasty in Abu Dhabi with Dr. Parag Telang, to see whether one is a candidate for a tummy tuck surgery, or any other procedure might help to get the desired results.

The cost of the surgery varies from patient to patient, and it includes:

  • Surgeon fees

  • Anaesthetist fees

  • Clinic charges

  • Medical equipment usage charges

  • Medication, support garment, and treatment charges

  • Type of technique involved during the surgery (additional procedures provided)

The surgeon can provide one with more detailed information regarding the cost of tummy tuck surgery.

Steps involved in Tummy Tuck Surgery:

General anesthesia is administered to the patient. Then depending upon the patient’s requirement mini or extended tummy tuck is performed. The surgeon first marks the target area and where the incisions are to be made and also around the navel area (if the navel needs to be repositioned). Once the abdominal area muscles are exposed, they will be sutured to create a tighter, smoother abdominal shape. Then the excess skin flap is removed, the remaining skin is tightened with sutures, and the navel is repositioned. After the treatment, the tummy area becomes flattered, tightened with a contoured midsection. The scar is concealed in the bikini line, and one gets a contoured midsection body profile. The wounds are covered with a dressing, and then surgical drains are inserted to drain excess fluid and blood from the treated site. After a few days, the tube and sutures are removed. Once the swelling subsides, one can see the final outcomes of the surgery.

Note: The stitches are removed after 1-3 weeks after the surgery. The patient can return to work after 2-4 weeks and can perform physical activities after 4-6 weeks.

Duration of the surgery: 2-3 hours depending upon the amount of changes required on the patient’s body.

Reasons to consider abdominoplasty:

There are numerous reasons for undergoing tummy tuck surgery; one might have excess fat deposits, poor skin elasticity, weak connective tissues in the tummy, or abdomen area. Other reasons include:

  • Fix structural defects of the abdomen.

  • Significant changes in weight.

  • Lost skin elasticity due to aging or sudden weight loss.

  • Sagging skin due to pregnancy and bariatric surgery.

  • Cosmetic reasons, to improve the appearance of a flabby or bulging belly.

  • Correct abnormalities caused after surgery or disease, like after large pelvic tumor removal.

The ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery:

  • People who are in a good physical state of health.

  • Not suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorder.

  • Must be a non-smoker and non-alcoholic.

  • Facing discomfort because of sagging skin in the abdomen area.

  • Must be above 18 years of age.

  • Must have realistic expectations with the surgery.

  • Suffering from skin breakouts and rashes due to excess fat and skin.

  • Have a stable body weight.

  • Females not planning for future pregnancy.

  • Have stretched abdominal muscles that hang over the waistband.

Note: Abdominoplasty is not intended as a weight-loss procedure or a treatment for obesity or a replacement for regular exercise. The patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results of tummy tuck surgery.

Benefits of tummy tuck surgery:

There are several benefits of tummy tuck, some of which are:

  • Toned and tightened abdominal muscles.

  • Flat, toned, and smooth midsection.

  • Removal of unsightly stretch marks caused by weight gain or after pregnancy (only the stretch marks will be removed that are present in the excess skin).

  • A defined waistline that can help one to fit into their clothing better.

  • Removal of excess fat that helps improve appearance and health.

  • It reverses the changes to the belly that occurred due to weight loss or pregnancy.

  • Corrects hygiene problems and social embarrassment caused due to excess fullness and hanging skin of the abdomen area.

  • Narrower waistline and smoother tighter shape from the pubic area to the chest.

Note: If anyone who has undergone tummy tuck surgery earlier and is planning for future pregnancy, then the results of the operation cannot be reversed. Undergoing tummy tuck will not help to prevent gaining weight.

Aftercare tummy tuck surgery:

  • Patient must wear the compression garment as advised by the surgeon.

  • For 2-4 weeks, the dressing is worn, and no heavyweight should be lifted.

  • Consume pain medications, antibiotics, and anticoagulants as advised by the surgeon.

  • For a few days, the patient must sleep with the upper body raised and knees angled.

  • The patient must walk slowly after the first day of treatment to prevent blood clot formation.

  • Do not put strain on the wounds for at least 6 weeks after the operation.

  • Do not make sudden movements like bending or stretching in the waist, as it can open the incision site.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Eat a healthy diet, and avoid junk food consumption.

Note: The tummy tuck surgery can be done in combination with other body contouring treatments like breast surgery, liposuction, and other cosmetic procedures.

The risk associated with abdominoplasty surgery:

Three layers of the abdominal wall are corrected in the abdominoplasty surgery, such as the skin, fatty tissue, and the underlying muscle. Stretched loose skin and muscles result in undesirable body shape, and abdominoplasty surgery changes a person’s body contour.

Every surgery comes with risks, and one should discuss the risks in detail with the surgeon before the surgery. But if the surgical procedure is performed by an expert, the occurrence of any risk becomes negligible. Some of the risks include:

  • Infection

  • Prominent scarring

  • Blood clots

  • Heart complications

  • Nausea due to anesthesia

  • Blood and fluid accumulation at the surgical site

  • Numbness or change in skin sensation

  • Hematoma or bleeding under the skin

  • Necrosis of tissues

  • Bruising

  • Swelling

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