21 Jan 2019

Tips, Precautions, and Procedure: A complete guide to Breast Lift Surgery

Over a period of time, women experience various kind of changes in her body. Sagging breasts and loss of perkiness is natural and states the undeniable fact of ageing. Breasts tend to lose firmness and fullness which in turns make it appear out of shape.

Causes of sagging breasts
There can be multiple causes for sagging breasts and some of them are listed as below:

1. Pregnancy
Female bodies undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. The ligaments that support your breast stretch out during pregnancy making your bosom feel heavier. Post pregnancy, this stretching might lead to sagging of breasts and thus loosening it further.

2. Extensive weight fluctuations
Significant changes in the body weight are one of the major causes of sagging breasts and loss of elasticity.

3. Gravity
Gravity takes on its natural course of action and causes breast ligaments to stretch out and sag over time.

What is a breast lift surgery?
A breast lift surgery is a medical procedure in which the breasts are “lifted” by the removal of excess skin & tissues and raising the nipple and areolae area. It is a procedure that helps restore the firmness and perkiness of breasts making it look fuller and aesthetically pleasing.
This not only impacts how we look. It makes us look attractive and more proportionate in bodysuits and swimsuits, and uplifts our self-confidence.
There is a very common preposition of size alteration connected with breast lift surgery. The procedure is designed in a way to contour and rearrange the position of breasts but NOT to resize it. Though it can be achieved by combining this procedure with either a breast reduction surgery or an augmentation surgery.

Types of Breast Lift surgeries
Cosmetic surgeons practice various kinds of breast lift surgeries depending on the requirements and patient’s condition.

1. Crescent Lift: Crescent lift involves minimal scarring and is preferred to correct the minimal sagging.

2. Peri-Areolar or “Donut” Lift: In this kind of surgery, mild sagging is corrected by a single incision around the areolae in a circular motion.
It is effective in reducing the size of areolae and treat mild sagging.

3. Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift: The lollipop breast lift is very commonly used to treat moderate sagging and it is performed by removing excess skin from the breast region and reshaping to give it a fuller appearance.

4. Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift: This is used to treat extensive sagging and dramatical reshaping of the breasts. A significant amount of skin is removed from the region and the breast area is lifted to give it a firmer appearance.

When should one consider a breast lift?
One must consult a surgeon before jumping to any kind of conclusion but if you face below-mentioned issues then you might consider going for a breast lift surgery.
– Nipples pointing downward
– Nipple/Areolae sits below the crease line underneath the breast
– Disproportion in both the breasts
– Sagging and loose breasts

Pre-treatment precautions
Here are some of the precautions to consider before the surgery
– A complete medical evaluation and lab tests.
– A baseline mammogram.
– Quitting smoking

Post-treatment precautions
Here are some of the precautions to consider after the surgery
– Wear a support bra
– Medications (as prescribed)
– Sleep on your back

Some women experience soreness and swelling after the treatment, which is normal. The treated area will be covered in bandages and the patient is instructed to take prescribed medicines and opt for a more healthy lifestyle for lifelong results.