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Buccal Fat Removal
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Buccal fat is a technical name for the fat pad that is found between the hollow area of the cheek. While it is a natural phenomenon and gives the cheek the shape of fullness, excess of it can make the cheeks look too full. It is because the size of the buccal fat pad is different with every person. That in turn interferes with the appearance of a person. It is easy to confuse the excessive buccal fat pad with the commonly known case of baby fatbut they are not the same. Hence, the procedure of buccal fat removal requires assessment by an expert surgeon.

Buccal fat pad in excess is also observed to be inherited from ones parents at times. It practically makes the middle of the face look fuller (sometimes also commonly known as chipmunk cheeks). While the procedure of buccal fat removal is delicate but simple, it is the assessment that is critical in nature. Dr. Parag would also consider the feasibility of the procedure and its required extent keeping mind that in future, the removal of the buccal fat pad should not make a persons cheeks look hollow.

This procedure is applicable in a majority of people who have an excessively round face and helps them achieve the sharpness in their appearance.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Is there an age criterion for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?
There is no specific age-related criterion for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery to be performed. It is the due requirement and corresponding medical condition compatibility that is more important as would be assessed during consultation by Dr. Parag Telang. However, some people tend to lose fat during their late twenties and early thirties also. Hence, it can be noted that waiting till that time would not hurt as it would help in determining whether or not one needs this procedure. Dr. Parag Telang guides the patients and helps the understand the procedure in detail during consultation.
2. Is it a painful procedure?
It is barely a painful procedure, given the advancement of technology and the expertise of Dr. Parag. At best, the removal of the stitches approximately 10 days after the surgery might feel slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.
3. What changes can be expected post the procedure?
While initially after the surgical procedure is conducted, one might experience some bit of soreness around the mouth and cheek, one would also be advised to go through special diet for a certain period of time. However, in the course of a few weeks, as the swelling would subside, all these regulations will go off and one would be able to observe the result of the procedure with naked eye. The time span may vary case specifically and one would be informed of the same by the plastic surgeon.
4. What are the risks involved?
Like any other surgery, it has nominal risks associated with the procedure. But they are mostly rare, especially in the expert hands of Dr. Parag whose track record speaks for itself. The minor risk factors include allergic reactions, numbness in the cheeks or lower part of the face which is temporary, or any infection. These risks are pre-assessed and corresponding precautions are strictly followed.
5. What is the recovery time for Buccal fat Removal Surgery?
Buccal Fat Removal Surgery offers the benefit of quick recovery time. The stitches put during the surgery are usually taken off around 10 days after procedure was executed. The soreness and swelling may sustain for a little while. In about a couple of weeks, one would be back to absolutely normal life.
6. When can the results be expected to show up?
As soon as the swelling disappears, the results should be visible, which is about 2 weeks of time from the time of the surgery. However, it may take a couple of months to be able to gaze at the complete results in full.
7. Are the results long-lasting?
The results of Buccal Fat Removal Surgery are usually lifelong. However, if one gains fat owing to diet and lifestyle choices, they may be impacted. It is advisable to follow the suggestions of the plastic surgeon in this matter to ensure the longevity of the results.
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From day one of my consultation, Dr. Telang and his team have been great. They were very informative and answered every question that I had. Seeing the results of other patients and Dr. Telang’s listening to what I wanted as far as my surgery is what helped me make my decision to have him do my surgery. He definitely superseded my expectations and I'm in love with my results.

Kejal Jayprakash
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He is exceptionally good at his procedures. He examines thoroughly and provides treatments to treat the underlying cause of the problem. I went for blepharoplasty treatment under him, and he has remarkably restored the youthfulness of the eyes. Every time, I speak of him, my eyes gleam with pride. He is the best.

Anuj Deshpande
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Dr. Parag telang is the right doctor you should reach out to. He is very professional and gives you the right advice. He is also a very good surgeon and will make sure you are taken care of. I have contacted him for a face surgery and I am recovering well.

Anup Patra
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