Facial Feminisation Surgery

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Facial Feminisation Surgery
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Facial Feminisation Surgery

What makes a woman look feminine?

The answer is qualitative and not quantitative, and yet, an expert cosmetic surgeon needs to quantify the answer in order to add the touch of feminine to ones face.

Facial feminisation surgery is a specific set of procedures which aims at restoring/reshaping/restructuring the features of the face in a way more consistent with the idea of a feminine appearance. It is not necessary there would be any one factor that would make a woman look less feminine - it can be a combination of factors. This is where experts like Dr. Parag come into play.

As is easily understandable, the very concept of feminine is qualitative. With his vast experience and technical knowledge, Dr. Parag would look at each and every aspirant of a facial feminine look to assess the features of the face that need his touch. It could be a nose job, jaw contouring, forehead reduction or any combination of procedures. The assessment is required to determine what all changes are needed to establish the feminine appearance of the face and then the corresponding set of procedures are executed carefully to achieve the desired look. This is a highly customised job, curtailed to match the individual needs of every patient.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Would this still make me look like myself, or am I going to change completely by means of how I look?
The idea of a face feminization procedure is not to make one look like someone else; rather, it is to retain the essence of one’s unique appearance and add the touch of femininity to it by highlighting certain factors and making corresponding adjustments. Hence, after a face feminization procedure, one would definitely look like themself, albeit, the appearance will be more feminine. Hence, it does not completely change how a person looks.
2. How would I know how am I going to look?
Before the procedure is put into action, there is an assessment that takes place. Feminine properties of the facial appearance is a qualitative matter and it is a subjective opinion. Hence, the plastic surgeon will be looking to quantify the requirements during the consultation. During the assessment and consultation, one would receive a clear idea about what kind of changes are being opted for and why, what would be the impact on the facial aesthetics and how it would make one look post the procedure.
3. Is it a painful process?
It is dependent on the set of procedures included in a particular face feminisation process. However, in most cases, there is hardly any sense of pain. There could be a little bit of uncomfortable feeling for a while post the procedure while pain is minimal. The plastic surgeon would carefully supervise to ensure pain is minimal, if any at all, and advise one accordingly.
4. How long do I have to sit at home after the process?
Before the surgery and any other non-surgical process that might be involved, it is advisable to take a week long off from the usual activities, although it varies from one person to another. It would be determined by the surgeon during the assessment process. Post the procedural execution, one may need a week long time again in order for any possible swelling to subside. In a lot of cases, the patients choose to take a longer break of about 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover from any existing sign of the procedure as well as to utilize a resting period for not only physical by psycho-emotional rejuvenation.
5. Can any kind of face be given a feminine touch?
Every face has its own features. And any set of features can be combined by highlighting certain attributes and suppressing another set of attributes to add a feminine touch to it. Hence, technically speaking, almost any face could attain the feminine touch. A better idea about the same can be obtained during the assessment process.
6. Will there be any scar marks left?
Most of the procedures that include an incision are done in a way that there is minimal chance of any scars taking place. Unless one has a health condition where scars are easily formed, chances for any scars staying back barely exist. Even in such cases, Dr. Parag Telang can handle the matter in a way that scar marks should not be a concern.
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I recently went for his Gold facial and the results are mind-blowing. My skin is now radiant and I just love it! Thank You.

Bhawna Malik
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Dr. Parag Telang is one of the best doctors for cosmetic surgeon He not only treated my son well but that too without any plastic surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Parag Telang. And his staff member.

Rahul Sharma
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He is exceptionally good at his procedures. He examines thoroughly and provides treatments to treat the underlying cause of the problem. I went for blepharoplasty treatment under him, and he has remarkably restored the youthfulness of the eyes. Every time, I speak of him, my eyes gleam with pride. He is the best.

Anuj Deshpande
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