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Gynecomastia Surgery in Andheri, Mumbai

By natural evolution, men and women have different breas-t structure. But in specific cases the phenomenon of Gynecomastia (commonly known as male breas-t) can be a bothersome issue. The glands that perform the task of producing milk in female breas-ts are not supposed to be in the same form and function among men. However, in some cases that seem to be the case giving rise to male breas-ts. Sometimes, even the additional fat deposit can cause the appearance of a mans chest to look like female breas-ts. This can cause embarrassment and reduced level of self-confidence. Fortunately, the procedure of male breas-t reduction surgery is available to take care of this problem.

While fat deposition in most parts of the body, till a certain stage, are controllable by means of a combination of appropriate diet and exercise, male breas-t formation cannot be treated in similar fashion. Primarily, it is caused by an imbalance between androgen and estrogen causing the glands to form and deposit among boys in their puberty which stays later on too. Additional fat deposit in the breas-t area can occur at any stage of life owing to variable factors which is known as pseudo-gynecomastia (owing to lack of gland formation and deposit).

In all such cases, the process of removing the additional mass around the areola area to reshape the chest area of the man is performed by an expert surgeon after due assessment and corresponding precaution. Specific techniques of liposuction and special cannulas are applied at our end to ensure a scar free procedure.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Who can go for Gynecomastia?
Any man who is an adult or adolescent could be possibly facing the issue of male breas-ts. It is a phenomenon that could occur owing to the imbalance between androgen and estrogen. Additionally, some times additional fat could also be accumulated in the chest segment for men and cause man breas-ts to appear. Again, this phenomenon is not restricted by age and can happen to any adult man. So practically any man who is an adult and adolescent could be a suitable candidate to go for Gynecomastia surgery.
2. At what age does male breas-t show up?
Once a male hits puberty, man breas-ts can show up at any point of time. So, there is no one specific age range as such once a male hits puberty. It could practically show up at any age. As far as the procedure is concerned, depending on health conditions and some specific parameters, the surgical procedure can be conducted on anyone. Some experts ask the patient, if an adolescent, to wait till they turn an adult i.e. the age of 18 years, based on their overall physical condition. It requires a scrutiny by an expert in the subject matter to determine the appropriate time for the procedure to be conducted.
3. Am I going to feel the pain?
There is minimal pain involved post the surgical procedure. Of course, like any other surgery proper precautions are taken during the surgery to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain. Post the process, the surgeon would provide with due guidance considering the specific patient case scenario. Due medication is prescribed in case there seems to be mild pain occurrence. In fact, simple over the counter drugs can be sufficient to counter such mild pain. However, it is always advisable to follow the guidelines prescribed by the gynecomastis surgeon and take medication accordingly.
4. How long does it take to recover post surgery?
It is not a very critical process that would require the patient to be bedridden for long post the surgery. It is still a subjective matter - every patient is different in terms of general health conditions and so is their extent of male breas-t phenomenon. Accordingly, the extent and degree of the surgery would vary. Usually, the patient can be back to usual life in no time. On an average, depending on the degree of the case, the patient could be back to normal life within 2 to 6 days. However, the results to show up completely can take from a few weeks to a few months. Once again, this depends on the specific patient’s case scenario.
5. I don’t want any scar marks on me. Can I avoid the surgery and try something else?
Unfortunately, male breas-t reduction cannot be obtained by any other means such as diet and exercise. Even when it is a case of excess fat deposition, the already deposited fat is not removable by any other means. Hence, a surgery is required. However, scar marks owing to modern day techniques are minimal. Further, the corresponding expert in the subject matter would help and guide through medication and care package that’d help the patient minimize the scars to nominal.
6. What are the risks involved?
The risks are rare. The possible side effects might include inflammation, fluid deposit, some skin issues and asymmetry etc. There is a nominal chance of any of these cases showing up and they are really rare to take place. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Parag Telang knows how to handle matters so that these risks are avoided.
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Dr. Parag Telang is one of the best doctors for cosmetic surgeon He not only treated my son well but that too without any plastic surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Parag Telang. And his staff member.

Rahul Sharma
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Everybody at the clinic is very supportive of support staff to the doctor. And lastly, the most important thing is that I got the results as per my expectations. Thanks, sir.

Simran Tiwari
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Dr. Parag Sir is the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. Very happy with the treatment & result. The entire procedure was very comfortable. Didn't experience any pain or discomfort and would recommend to anyone considering cosmetic treatment.!

Akhilesh Shinde
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