Breas-t Surgeries

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Cosmetic surgeries performed on the breas-ts involve breas-t augmentation, breas-t lift, breas-t reduction, and breas-t reconstruction. Gynecomastia is another common breas-t surgery performed on male breas-ts. Dr. Parag Telang, breas-t surgeon in Mumbai specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and is synonymous for performing best breas-t surgery in Mumbai.


Gynecomastia is breas-t development that occurs in male. It can happen at any age and...

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Breas-t Upliftment

Do you feel your breas-t does not match with your all over physique?...

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Breas-t Reduction

Larger breas-ts do not always mean beautiful breas-ts. Shape and proportion are...

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Breas-t Reconstruction

Breas-ts lose their firmness and shape with age, due to weight loss and following...

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Breas-t Augmentation

If you lack a pleasing breas-t profile and are looking for a long-term solution, you...

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