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Chin Surgery
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Chin Surgery

Have you ever come across the phenomena of an almost beautiful face? It is easy to identify- everything looking great except for any one element (feature), and often, it can be the chin. In some cases, the chin is down and not sharp enough.

The more commonly recalled scenario is that of a double chin. Now that rings a bell, does it not?

The truth is both cases are actually a disruption to facial aesthetics and need to be taken care of. Thankfully, the procedure of chin surgery or Mentoplasty can take care of such issues to provide with the perfect chin suited to a person.

The basic purpose of the chin surgery is to obtain a perfect shape suited to a persons face. Depending on the current structure of the chin, it can be achieved in the following ways:

a. Chin Enhancement

The shape of the chin could be better achieved by moving the chin forward or backward. There is the possibility of adjustments made side to side, specifically in case of asymmetric chins. Depending on the persons current chin shape, the enhancement procedure and its details are decided by Dr. Parag.
As the name suggests, people with the issue of double chin can get it corrected by means of Chin surgery.

b. Double Chin Removal

The subjective case, as applicable, and its corresponding course of action are determined carefully by Dr. Parag to help his patients achieve that perfect shape and amazing look.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible for a chin surgery?
Anybody who is looking to enhance the appearance of the chin can be eligible for a chin surgery, provided his/ her medical record shows no complications. These details are checked by the expert before proceeding with the surgery. If the medical records support the scope of a surgery, anyone with low enough chin can look for augmentation or with double chin can look for chin reduction.
2. Is it a painful process?
As in most cosmetic surgeries, anaesthesia is used and the surgical procedure itself is not painful. Post the surgical procedure, during recovery period, there can be some level of soreness and a feeling of being uncomfortable for a little while. There is no pain involved though.
3. What are the benefits?
Not everyone is born with the perfect chin according to one’s face type. Further, some people may experience an injury that can cause their chin shape to change or be deformed. Chin surgery is a way to correct these shape related issues of the chin and attain that perfect look for your face to add to its aesthetic appearance.
4. What are the risk factors?
As in with any surgery, there is some level of risk involved such as allergic reaction, infection and a few more. However, under the careful guidance of Dr. Parag, who has an impeccable track record, precautions are taken in advance to avoid such issues.
5. For men, does a chin surgery affect shaving?
Not really. Until the dressing comes off, it is better not to shave. But in the long run, it is not a barrier for shaving.
6. When can I start eating again?
Chin surgery is not going to prevent one from eating at all! There can at best be some dull ache and soreness, but that’s nothing that medication cannot take care of. And in the long run, it definitely is not an issue at all.
7. How soon would I recover after chin surgery?
The swelling subsides within two to three days usually. Specific cases might be there that require additional time but that is rare. Depending on the case specifics of every patient, estimated timeline for resuming all activities are shared by the subject matter expert.
8. Are the results long lasting?
Yes, the results are long lasting. In fact, the resultant shape of the chin surgery is supposed to be lifelong and there are hardly any exceptions to it.
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From day one of my consultation, Dr. Telang and his team have been great. They were very informative and answered every question that I had. Seeing the results of other patients and Dr. Telang’s listening to what I wanted as far as my surgery is what helped me make my decision to have him do my surgery. He definitely superseded my expectations and I'm in love with my results.

Kejal Jayprakash
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Very fantastic experience with Dr. Parag Sir during my Brothers operation. all doctor team is experienced and well educated. Thank you, sir

Imran Sutar
✱ Opinion / Results may vary person to person.

Dr. Parag telang is the right doctor you should reach out to. He is very professional and gives you the right advice. He is also a very good surgeon and will make sure you are taken care of. I have contacted him for a face surgery and I am recovering well.

Anup Patra
✱ Opinion / Results may vary person to person.