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Breas-t Reconstruction
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While most people are aware of the popular term- breas-t implant, it is a part of the larger scope of breas-t reconstruction. Breas-ts could either loose the shape and firmness or the volume, or both. The reasons for the same can be multiple. In case of loss of the shape, breas-ts would look saggy, as they would be drooping and the loss of firmness would be practically visible. Whatever might cause the issue, there is the option of breas-t reconstruction surgery which can easily restore the youthful, firm and erect look of the breas-ts.

The various reasons for breas-t shape and volume consist of (but not limited to) ageing. Drastic or massive weight loss, pregnancy and breas-t feeding, lifestyle choices etc. Looking into the matter of the fact, breas-t reconstruction surgeries can be classified into two major types:

a. Breas-t Implants 

When there is loss of volume of breas-ts, implants are the way to induce additional volume.
It is also known as Breas-t Lift. Under this process, the loss of shape and firmness can be taken care of. It helps in not only reshaping the breas-ts but also in repositioning them to restore the youthful appearance.

b. Mastopexy

Mastopexy is a procedure which needs to be executed under expert supervision and with high end facility. Under the expert supervision of an expert, firstly the extent of loss of breas-t volume, the range of skin loosening up and the corresponding degree of sagginess of breas-ts need to be assessed correctly. After the accurate extent, the procedural details of mastopexy are determined and executed.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Who needs a breas-t reconstruction surgery?
Breas-t reconstruction surgery can be for anyone, depending on the condition of the breas-ts. Women who have lost volume of the breas-ts or are unhappy with the current volume of the breas-ts can opt for breas-t implants to be out in place to enhance the volume/recover lost volume. However, they need to go through a thorough check up with an expert to ensure they are in appropriate physical and psycho-emotional condition for the procedure to take place successfully. Women who may or may not have an issue with the volume of the breas-ts but have lost the firmness of breas-ts and find them drooping downwards can opt for mastopexy or breas-t lift procedure. Once again, their existing physical and psycho-emotional condition must be thoroughly reviewed by an expert in order to consider them eligible to go through the process.
2. Is it a painful process?
The process itself is not exactly painful. Like most surgical procedures, the execution of the procedure does not cause any pain as anaesthesia is administered. During the post-operative stage, in some cases a bit of negligible pain could be involved. Mostly, that is not the case, though some level of soreness can be expected. Pain can be managed with the painkiller medicine as per the surgeon’s advise.
3. Will I have scars post the procedure?
There is a minor scar mark that will remain for some time. Modern procedures have minimized the scope of a scar. Further, careful skincare and nourishment techniques help in reducing the visibility of the scar. One can consult the subject matter expert to confirm how this works in detail.
4. What are the benefits of breas-t reconstruction surgery?
Breas-t reconstruction surgery plays a strong role in reinstating the youthful appearance and enhancing the volume of the breas-ts. It ends up adding not just to the body but to the self-confidence of a person and adds to the self-esteem. Apart from the restoration of youthful look and bolder outlook, it adds to boost the psycho-emotional aspect of a person towards life in general.
5. Are there any risks involved?
As in any other surgical procedure, some level of risk is involved. However, with modern techniques and expertise of the surgeons like Dr. Parag Telang, the risk reduces to drastically lower levels. One thing to ensure though is that the patient finds a genuine expert for treatment. A genuine, board-certified plastic surgeon knows how to deal with the procedure delicately and obtain optimum results while minimizing any potential risk factor.
6. How long does it take to reach the final shape and alignment in case of a breas-t lift?
In case of a breas-t lift, the objective is to attain a particular shape and alignment of the breas-ts. However, owing to every person’s body and tissues varying from each other, the time taken to achieve the final shape and alignment may vary. Hence, while on an average, it may take anywhere between three to six months for the final shape and alignment to take place, the results may vary in specific cases.
7. How long does the benefit of breas-t reconstruction surgery last?
As breas-t reconstruction could be focused on implants or breas-t lift, accordingly the longevity of the corresponding benefits can also be classified in two ways. A breas-t implant may last almost a lifetime. However, it is fair to expect that they would, on an average, last anywhere between 10-15 years. That said, nobody can guarantee the exact number of years in such a case as there are many other factors involved. In case of a breas-t lift procedure, the results vary in terms of longevity as the droopy breas-ts may return with ageing and the timeframe is dependent on the patient’s age and health conditions. With ageing, the patient’s skin would start loosening up further and elasticity would reduce. Hence, the results would also vary accordingly.
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