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Macs Lift Facial Treatment

As gracefully as it is said, an ageing beautyis just another way of saying that the face is showing up signs of ageing and the impact is visible. No wonder people opted for cosmetic surgical procedures like the S lift but not without issues. The S lift procedure provides with certain relief and results in ageing but it also involves larger levels of incision. Hence, the resultant scars were larger. Dr. Parag Telang provides with the solution to such issues with the impeccable application of the MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) - the new age facelift procedure.

Dr. Parag understands the fact that to rejuvenate the face and restore beauty, one need not play foul with its very basic constituents - the cells and tissues that form the face. Hence, he provides with MACS lift which removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the facial appearance without the disadvantages of the previously popular procedures. The current procedure can be segregated into two kinds of applications:

a. Basic/simple MACS Lift
The simple correction of the jawline by means of correcting the angles formed under the neck- it ensures the jawline becomes well defined and refined to recreate or enhance the facial aesthetics.

b. Extended MACS Lift
In addition to the procedural action of basic MACS lift, there is the placement of a suture to the corner of the eyes on the outer edge, just below the lower eyelids. It extends further till the malar fat pad zone. As the name suggests, the procedure enhances the looks further.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. I am confused between facelift and MACS lift. What is the difference?
MACS lift is different than traditional facelift in the way they are applied as well as the resultant as the resultant scar that it leaves. Unlike traditional facelift process, MACS lift uses suspension sutures as it is a cranial suspension facelift minimal access facelift. The consequence of the same is that it leaves smaller scar compared to the conventional form of facelift procedure.
2. Is MACS lift better?
There are several advantages that MACS lift presents over the traditional facelift. It is a less invasive process which means the risks involved are way lesser. It leaves smaller scar on the target area. The process itself is simpler compared to a traditional facelift procedure. As a result, the operation time is also lesser. In addition to all of these, even the recovery time for the patient is lesser. Hence, it can be said that it is a better procedure when compared to the traditional facelift process.
3. What are the risks involved in MACS lift?
Any form of surgery presents a small amount of risk. All the risks are applicable in case of MACS lift too, with one significant distinction- all the risks are drastically cut down in terms of probability. It is possible owing to the fact that it is nominal incision procedure with refined technique. And in the hands of an expert like Dr. Parag, the risks are barely existent. The details of the same would be available during an assessment process.
4. How long does the effect last? Do I need to do it again and again?
There are several factors that would go into consideration for every individual to determine the time span for the impact of MACS lift to last. The factors would include, age, diet, lifestyle habits and many more. The details of the same would be shared by the facelift surgeon during consultation. On an average, it is observed that the impact of MACS lift last for ten years.
5. What is the recovery time in case of a MACS lift procedure
Once again, it is subjective matter. Depending on the patient’s health condition and lifestyle choices, the time span varies. For most people, the average time span to recover and get back to usual life would be around ten days. However, in specific cases, it can be extended up to almost three weeks.
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The best cosmetic surgeon who cares for his patients. He delivers what he promises. I am happy to have found such a dedicated surgeon with passion for his work which reflects in his patients.

Sheeta Larora
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Very fantastic experience with Dr. Parag Sir during my Brothers operation. all doctor team is experienced and well educated. Thank you, sir

Imran Sutar
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He is exceptionally good at his procedures. He examines thoroughly and provides treatments to treat the underlying cause of the problem. I went for blepharoplasty treatment under him, and he has remarkably restored the youthfulness of the eyes. Every time, I speak of him, my eyes gleam with pride. He is the best.

Anuj Deshpande
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