Plasma Proteins for Hair Growth

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Plasma Proteins for Hair Growth
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It has become common knowledge that hair loss issues can be treated with hair transplant. But the efficacy of such procedures can be enhanced, or at times, hair transplant is not required at all and one could grow back hair without surgery. 

All of these can be achieved by opting for Plasma Proteins. This treatment involves taking a small amount of blood from the patient which is centrifuged to extract the essential proteins associated with growth factor and regeneration. They are capable of growing back hair (in which case hair transplant is eliminated). In certain case scenarios, this treatment is used along with hair transplant for enhancing the efficacy of the hair transplant method.

There are a few things that are observed carefully before Plasma Proteins treatment for hair loss control so that it can be implemented successfully. It involves injecting the patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. Hence, feasibility of drawing blood from the patient needs to be checked. Additionally, the presence of the Plasma Proteins is to be determined at desirable levels. All of these are accurately assessed by Dr. Parag to ensure the best results for the patient. Hair loss is no longer a worry with Plasma Proteins treatment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Who can avail of this treatment?
Anyone with a case of hair loss is potentially a candidate for Plasma Protein based treatment. However, there are a few cases where this treatment is likely to be more successful. Patients who have a case scenario where very small areas of alopecia areata are observed, are great candidates for this kind of treatment. Additionally, people who are facing the trouble of poor quality of growth with their hair on the scalp but still carry functioning hair follicles in the affected areas are also suitable candidates for this treatment. There can be more scenarios where it is feasible, as would be suggested by our in-house expert of the subject matter.
2. How long does it take to show results?
The length of time taken to show the result varies for every patient. It is dependent on several factors, including (but not limited to) genetic pattern, extent of hair loss/hair reduction issues, growth factor levels in the body etc. Medically, the progress of the result can be checked using specific methods such as Hair Mass Index long before the results are visible to the naked eye. On an average, the results are seen in most people in between six to twelve months.
3. How long do the result last?
The results of this treatment last for long enough, though the period is again dependent on multiple factors associated with the very reason for hair loss or hair reduction. The usual variation is not huge but it still does exist. It also depends on the fact that whether a simple Plasma Protein Treatment was used or whether it was used in conjunction with any other factor or treatment. As per the reports published till date, a simple Plasma Protein treatment, without the inclusion of any other factor or treatment, aimed at enhancement of hair growth and calibre tend to show results for about 4 to 6 weeks. It practically implies almost every month repeated treatments would be required. However, when it is deployed in conjunction with Extracellular Matrix products the effects can last way longer. It has been reported that in specific cases, they can last up to two years. On average though, it is suggested to get it done every year to retain consistency.
4. What are the benefits of this treatment for hair loss/hair reduction?
It is practically a non-surgical procedure. The total time to conduct the procedure barely takes beyond an hour-long period. Additionally, most of that time is invested in preparatory measures. Hence, for the patient, it is a hassle free, relaxing approach to restoring hair growth. There is a minor inflammation noticed after the procedure for hardly a few hours. During this phase, the scalp remains a bit numb and pinkish in appearance. About 85% of patients do not face any insurgence of swelling. The rare ones who do, do not face it for more than a day or two. Practically, it is an easy-going method for the patient to experience.
5. What are the risks associated with this treatment for hair loss?
The only major risk that one could face is not choosing the right expert to deploy the treatment. Ensure that your medical expert is well aware of the Plasma Protein method of treatment, is hygienic and has sufficient experience to look at, ensuring the expert knows the method and its outcome in and out. The other factors, are still dependent on the expertise of the subject matter expert handling your case. The expert should correctly assess your condition and its nature, along with the physical conditions required for a successful and harm free treatment execution. In case there is the presence of any kind of blood disorder, infection, cardiovascular issue and some other factors that could interfere with the procedure, the treatment is not to be deployed.
6. How long does it take to get back to normal life after deployment of this treatment?
For most patients, there is no restriction to leading a normal life at all. One could shower, even use shampoo and conditioner within hours of the treatment being performed. It also does not impose any limitations on any other kind of physical activity. The rare cases of inflammation can be there for a maximum span of a day or two. No strong chemical colour is to be deployed or perming treatments are to be executed for 72 hours after completion of the treatment.
7. Is it actually effective to treat hair loss/hair fall completely?
The results to be achieved by opting for Plasma Proteins treatment should be realistic and it is the responsibility of the subject matter expert to explain the same to the patient. Depending on the strength/weakness of hair growth quality in different parts of the scalp of the patient, the results may slightly vary. It also depends on the quantity of hair follicles present in the affected areas of the scalp.
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Everybody at the clinic is very supportive of support staff to the doctor. And lastly, the most important thing is that I got the results as per my expectations. Thanks, sir.

Simran Tiwari
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I used to apply a lot of makeup but after having a gold facial treatment done by Dr. Parag Telang, I go on for days now without makeup. I am so happy with the results and recommend him to all of you.

Wasim khan
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He is exceptionally good at his procedures. He examines thoroughly and provides treatments to treat the underlying cause of the problem. I went for blepharoplasty treatment under him, and he has remarkably restored the youthfulness of the eyes. Every time, I speak of him, my eyes gleam with pride. He is the best.

Anuj Deshpande
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