Silicone Butt Implants

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Silicone Butt Implants
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Butt implants, or butt implants, are intended for men and women who would like more curves and/or a well-balanced physique. This can improve an individual’s butt contour by creating a fuller shape. Made out of solid or semi-solid silicone, butt implants have a soft, natural feeling similar to a well-toned muscle.

Silicone Implants
Silicone implants have been available for more than 60 years. Modern silicone implants used for Body Contouring enhancement are soft, flexible and durable – safe and reliable. Silicone has come under fire since the early 1990’s because of the silicone gel used in breast implants which was alleged to have caused autoimmune disease in some women. Highly controlled studies since that period have proven that silicone does not cause disease of any kind. Body Contouring Implants are made of solid silicone – soft but still solid without the controversial characteristics of silicone gel. Solid silicone has never been alleged to cause any disease in the human body.

Plastic Surgery Implants are made of the same silicone that surrounds many cardiac pacemakers. Most joint replacement parts are made with either solid silicone or coated with silicone to reduce the body reaction to the replacement part. No problems have ever been attributed to the silicone of these implants which is identical to the silicone of Plastic Surgery Implants.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Are silicone implants harmful for my body?
About two decades back, the allegation about silicone implants for the breas-ts made the rounds. Current era of silicone implants being used are already proven to be safe and hence, yes, it is safe to use silicone butt implants for enhancement of visual aesthetic of the butt.
2. Who should go for silicone butt implants?
The common methods of fat-based injection might not be applicable for people with less fat in the body. Butt cover a large area and a lot of fat would be required to fulfil the required quantity of fat cells being extracted from the body. Hence, for people with less fat in the body, it is preferable to go for butt silicone implants.
3. How effective is the silicone implant for butt?
It is highly effective. Not only it is proven to be safe and secure, the current age silicone implants provide for solidity without compromising on flexibility. They suit the purpose of butt enhancement and shaping up really well.
4. Is it a painful procedure?
Overall, it is not really a risky or painful procedure unless one is being treated by the wrong person. It is a delicate process and requires the hands of an experienced, well trained cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Parag is exactly the expert one will need for such procedure. His records are testimonial to this fact. Every bit of precaution is taken by him and his team at Designer Bodyz to make the process smooth and avoid pain.
5. Would it leave any scar marks on my butt?
While there is a case of surgical incision taking place, modern day technology in the hands of an expert ensure that under usual circumstances, there is barely any scar mark left behind. The risks are assessed in advance by the plastic surgeon and corresponding precautions are taken to ensure this.
6. What is the recovery time?
The recovery time is variable according to every individual patient’s case specific. However, on an average, it takes approximately four to five weeks to recover completely. in specific cases, the time may be longer.
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Dr.Parag Telang is a magician, he does his work beautifully. I would strongly recommend him, one of the best doctor.

Deepa Pralkar
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Dr. Parag Telang is one of the best doctors for cosmetic surgeon He not only treated my son well but that too without any plastic surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Parag Telang. And his staff member.

Rahul Sharma
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Very fantastic experience with Dr. Parag Sir during my Brothers operation. all doctor team is experienced and well educated. Thank you, sir

Imran Sutar
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