11 Sep 2023
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Enhancing Beauty, Preserving Identity

"It requires utmost precision, expertise, and specific knowledge on the part of a plastic surgeon who performs ethnic rhinoplasty because  patients of various ethnicities may have skin thickness variation, a lack of tip support, and lower nasal bridge definition!"

  • Do you know that today, the best rhinoplasty is one that creates a natural-looking result that matches one's facial features? 
  • Do you know that when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty, some patients may want to reduce or calm their epicanthic folds, but others may prefer to leave them as they are?
  • Do you know ethnic rhinoplasty is the most requested procedure because every individual, regardless of race, age, or gender, wants to look better accepted on the aesthetic beauty meter? 
  • Do you know why ethnic rhinoplasty requires extreme precision and utmost artistic skills? Because it aims to alter the nose's shape, size, and structure while preserving the distinctive characteristic features that complement your face? 

Plastic surgeons who perform ethnic rhinoplasty surgery/ nose jobs must have the right anatomical knowledge and a keen eye to offer unique and aesthetically pleasant results.

Even though the procedural planning, types, pre and post-op criteria, and guidelines to be followed are universal, every plastic surgeon is unique in terms of their aesthetic sense, surgical experience, specific knowledge, and number of nose jobs performed in their career. However, it is an inevitable task to choose your plastic surgeon wisely while considering nose job surgery in Mumbai.

Dr. Parag Telang (MS, MCh, DNB, FCPS) is a board-certified and top-rated plastic surgeon in Mumbai, also operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dr. Telang is a recognized member of MRCS of the UK and a Diplomat of the National Board, New Delhi (DNB).

Dr. Parag Telang has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the peculiarities of different ethnic features and how to maintain facial harmony, the prerequisite for performing such a complex nose-reshaping procedure. Thus, the aesthetic mastery of a surgeon could make him able to avoid racial contradiction and establish facial harmony while performing such cosmetic procedures.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty? 

People seeking rhinoplasty surgery must choose an expert, board-certified plastic surgeon with a credit record for successful ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries. Expertise in understanding ethnic noses and performing the procedure as per one’s goal and identity is what classifies the procedure aside from other nose job surgeries. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized cosmetic procedure that reshapes the nose to harmonize facial features according to an individual's cultural identity. However, a specific type of nose job changes a nose's shape, size, and contour.

Three essential factors considered while creating a more aesthetically pleasing nose are as follows: 

  • Patient's skin type and thickness
  • Facial structure
  • Cultural background. 

How does Rhinoplasty Signify your Cultural Identity? 

Rhinoplasty surgery has been available for decades. With improved technology, expertise, and acquired knowledge, Dr. Parag Telang (the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, India) helps patients from across the globe achieve unmatched results. Every ethnic group is unique in their facial features, skin type, and cultural background, so they require tailored operations that better suit their ethnicity and facial structure. Only a proficient and well-experienced plastic surgeon with expertise in rhinoplasty surgery can understand their specific goals and expectations. However, there is no boundary when a patient chooses their plastic surgeon, and this is why patients from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, and the United Kingdom happily join medical tourism in India to have rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai.

As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang has specific knowledge about ethnic rhinoplasty and is concerned with patients' customized goals and unique features. However, he can best maintain one's facial harmony while correcting any issues, deformities, or problems. 

What concerns are addressed, and why are extreme artistic skills required to perform Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

The most common reason people seek out ethnic rhinoplasty is to enhance their facial aesthetics and achieve the desired shape & size for their nose that best matches their cultural identity.

Ethnic noses have unique characteristics, including the concerns of a wider or poor definition of nasal bridge or a flatter nasal tip, lack of tip support, and skin thickness variations. Thus, addressing these concerns with a traditional rhinoplasty technique can be challenging. Moreover, creating a balanced, aesthetically pleasing appearance requires the utmost skills and knowledge, making it challenging for plastic surgeons. However, ethnic patients must find experienced and qualified rhinoplasty surgeons who understand every aspect of the ethnic nose job procedure.

Dr. Parag Telang understands all the details of skin thickness variations and aesthetic nasal bridge definition and is highly proficient in performing ethnic rhinoplasty. Dr. Telang is Mumbai and Dubai's most recognized facial plastic and reconstructive specialist. 

Following are the Key concerns addressed with Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery:

  1. To harmonize the underlying nose structure that can cause compromised shape and size: The nose's underlying structure comprises bone and cartilage, which hold up the skin. Ethnic rhinoplasty requests are raised when these elements are not harmonious in size and shape. These structure variations result in compromised nasal contour, and a nose may appear narrow, wide, flat, bulbous, or even bumpy. 
  2. To make subtle changes in the angle and definition of certain areas to balance the nose proportionality: Augmentation is a specific type of ethnic rhinoplasty performed when it is required to pronounce tip support and improve nasal bridge definition. Dr. Parag Telang's aesthetic skills create a narrower tip to meet the desired goals for ethnic rhinoplasty patients. 
  3. To reduce the physical size of the nose: Reducing the physical size by removing cartilage and bone from the underlying structures is more common in Middle Eastern patients. Reduction rhinoplasty focuses on reducing the dimension of the nose, bringing the protruding nose closer to other facial features, and making the overall nasal appearance more balanced. 
  4. To enlarge the physical size of the nose: This is also referred to as projection rhinoplasty when a patient wants to enlarge the physical size of the nose. The enlargement is done by grafting cartilage from the patient's septum or ribs to the underlying structure in flatter nose areas. The motto of projection rhinoplasty is to offer you a narrower, more refined, and more harmonious look. 

Before rhinoplasty, Dr. Parag Telang discusses your goals and sets realistic expectations. One must note that facial features represent our cultural heritage. So, an expert surgeon like Dr. Telang answers all patient questions during the consultation to balance their expectations and the possibilities.

If you want to achieve natural-looking results of your rhinoplasty or have any queries, schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons and reconstruction specialists in Mumbai and  UAE, Dr. Parag Telang, by calling Tel: +91 7506710258, +91 9820058253 (India), +971 800 55 (Abu Dhabi, UAE), or fill out our online appointment form.