27 Mar 2019
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Gold Facial: The Powerhouse Of Anti-Aging

Fancy the golden radiance that we see on the face of all Egyptian queens?

Guess what, their secret to look ravishing was A Gold Mask!

The king of metals, Gold is not restricted to jewelry, electronics, and dentistry anymore. It has made its way into the world of beauty and cosmetics. Given to its anti-aging properties, and capability to give dazzling luster to the skin, gold is now being utilized for some wonderful face masks.

Gold is rich in ingredients and healing powers, thus giving the skin a healthy and radiant complexion. Therefore, it is lauded as the magnificent skin care beauty ingredient. Here’s the insight into the benefits of gold facial. We at Designer Bodyz, use this Gold Facial according to your skin concerns as it is a very versatile facial treatment.

If you haven't tried it yet, here's why you must:

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Gold are beneficial in reducing wrinkles, protecting skin against sun damage, calming inflammation, and diminishing redness on the face.

Gold facial is perfect for individuals wishing for bright skin because the metal contains reflective particles. The reflective particles give skin a glowy and dewy effect which is absolutely stunning.

Gold facial increases blood circulation leading to reduction in acne and skin allergies.

The ions present in the metal gold stimulate skin cells. Also, the increased supply of blood and improved metabolism of the skin results in healthy and glowing skin.

As we age, the collagen levels in the skin drop, and, as a result, the skin starts to look dull and loose. Gold keeps the collagen levels steady and makes the skin firm, soft, and supple.

Excess production of melanin by the skin cells, melanocytes contributes to pigmentation. Pigmentation is referred to as darkening of the skin. The nanoparticles found in gold controls excess production of melanin and protects skin from pigmentation.

Gold is a storehouse of rejuvenating properties providing a soothing and harmonizing effect to the skin.

Being Mumbai’s most preferred cosmetic surgery center, we at Designer Bodyz, utilize 24-carat gold which is plentiful in anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. The steps of the facial are performed in a systematic manner, and the gold facial mask is allowed to dry completely so that its goodness is absorbed by the skin.

Now you know that if you want a luminous face, gold facial is your best bet. To know the details, drop your queries at or call us at +91 7506710258.