19 Oct 2019
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HIFU: Instant, Pain-free Skin Tightening

HIFU: It's not just for facial skin tightening

In the current era, the toxic environmental conditions, a busy lifestyle, and stress are the reason for premature aging. These signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, loss of facial volume. There are so many advanced treatments available in the market to treat these concerns, but not everyone wants to go under the knife or spend a lot of amount on such treatments. Also, some people don't want any drastic changes and just want to improve some aging skin concerns. For all such cases, HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the one stop solution. HIFU provides overall skin rejuvenation, and is a safe non-surgical treatment that lifts and tightens the skin.

How does it work?

HIFU is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that uses non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat tissue which causes cellular damage. This helps in the skin rejuvenation procedure as it triggers collagen and elastin production in the targeted region. Collagen and elastin are special proteins responsible for cell regeneration and maintaining the health and firmness of the skin. This increased collagen production makes the skin tighter and provides a youthful appearance. It also triggers the body’s ability to heal the damage endured by the skin.

HIFU procedure acts more than just a skin tightening procedure, and it also provides the following benefits:

  • Provides younger-looking skin

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness

  • Promotes production of collagen

  • Stimulates the production of new skin cells

  • Reduces double chin

  • Enhances the jawline definition

  • Breaks stubborn fat deposits

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet, and wrinkles

  • Reduces scars and stretch marks

About the procedure?

HIFU is a non-invasive procedure; hence, it does not involve any cuts or surgical incisions therefore, does not involve any downtime. The procedure is quick and painless and can be performed during office lunch hours.

Ideal candidates?

HIFU is most effective in treating initial signs of aging, which are very mild. So, anyone who wants to improve the firmness and texture of the skin or if someone wants to provide some extra care to the skin, HIFU is the best procedure to choose. The older people with very sagging skin, severe skin laxity are not good candidates for this procedure. They can opt for surgical procedures to achieve the optimum results.

Cost of the procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends on various factors, like the area of skin to be treated, number of sessions required, patient concerns, and also on the experience of the medical experts. The cost also varies from patient to patient, as every individual skin responds towards the treatment and skin concerns differently. No scar or incision is made during this procedure; this makes this procedure far less expensive compared to other facelift procedures.


HIFU is a skin rejuvenation procedure that has many advancements and treats various skin problems and signs of premature aging. It is not an invasive procedure which makes it perfect for an individual who wants subtle changes in the quality of the skin.

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