05 Mar 2018

The Era of Designer Nose, Face and Body is here!

Designer Bodyz ® Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery launches special consultations for customised body, face and nose designing:
Though there are centres offering cosmetic surgery, there is a vast demand for “customisation” in the designing of nose, face and body. Designer Bodyz, Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, is a first of its kind to offer these services in India.

Q: What is this concept of “Designer Cosmetic Surgery ” ?
A: Most of the surgeons perform cosmetic surgeries based on their experience. Therefore the results are similar in terms of the final outcome. So the noses, faces etc done by a particular surgeon tend to look similar. But this is not the modern concept. Now its the era of customised cosmetic surgery!

Q: Can you elaborate?
A: This is the era of social media craze. There are so many Celebrities on Instagram, Snapchat who have millions of people following them. This has created a niche market for those wanting to look like their favourite celebrities. Hence we now get lot of enquiries for “Designer” noses, faces and bodies.

Q: What is a Designer nose?
A: In a Designer nose procedure, the nose reshaping is done according to a Celebrity’s nose. Some patients come specifically with pictures of noses of celebrities and request for exact replica of these noses. There might be a request for what is known as a “Barbie nose”. This is a very technically demanding surgery as the patient’s tissues have to be molded specifically to give the specific shape. We use very sophisticated computer softwares to help in the planning of these surgeries.

Q: What procedures are done in Designer Body shaping?
A: Again, some patients come specifically wanting a tummy like a specific celebrity, or 6-pack abs or buttocks like Kim Kardashian. We provide specific procedures including high definition body contouring for 6 pack abs contouring, brazilian butt lift for a shapely butt, pectoral implants for chest reshaping to help patients achieve a body they dream of.

Q: What about Designer face surgeries?
A: Designer face surgeries comprise of a combination of procedures specifically customised to create high cheek bones, chiselled nose, reshaped lips and jawline to create an image similar to a particular celebrity’s. So sometimes we use cheek implants, fat injections, removal of eyebags and face lifting procedures to achieve the optimum result. With modern methods of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, results can be achieved without any visible scars.

Q: What is the difference in these Designer cosmetic procedures and the cosmetic surgeries offered elsewhere?
A: Well, in Designer cosmetic procedures, there is a big learning curve involved. It needs very meticulous planning and of course very precise execution to achieve the optimum results. In other cosmetic surgeries it is only to change a specific feature in a patient. In Designer cosmetic procedures we not only change these features but match these to those of the desired person, which elevates these surgeries to an art! In the era of selfies and constant pressure to look good on social media, I would say “Designer Cosmetic Surgery” is an idea whose time has come!

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