04 Jun 2019
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Find the Truth About Stretch Marks And its Treatments

Do you also have stretchy, groovy patterns on your skin?

Well, stretch marks are more common than we assume. Our skin shrinks and stretches when we lose or gain excessive amount of weight rapidly. Weight fluctuations cause our skin to tear and stretch it, damage the collagen and elastic tissue leading to appearance of stretch marks. Yes, the parallel groovy lines on the skin, which are probably the most certain source of embarrassment for most people.

Socially conscious people often find them hideous and stay on a constant lookout to get rid of them. With health advancements and progressions in the medical industry, many treatment options have evolved to eliminate the appearance of such marks.

What are the causes of Stretch Marks?

The constant tugging of the skin causes stretch marks to appear. There are a variety of reasons which become a breeding ground for such marks including:

1) Infection causing the release of "striatoxin". It damages and harms the tissues because of its toxic effects.

2) Constant mechanical impact of stretching of the skin due to obesity,  pregnancy, and weight lifting.

3) Growth spurts in youth and teen years.

4) Hereditary Factors.

5) Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and other adrenal gland disorders are associated with the appearance of stretch marks.

6) More steroid intake leads to the breakdown of fibroblast, resulting in the formation of stretch marks.

In earlier times, treatment for stretch marks was found to be unresponsive and was labeled as an "untreatable" condition. But with modern advancements in technology and healthcare sector, many procedures are now devised to overcome this condition. Stretch marks often occur as red or purple groovy lines on the skin and tend to appear white in color when they get old. Early marks are considered to get treated easily as compared to whiter ones.

What are the treatments for Stretch Marks?

1. Topical Treatments - A wide variety of lotions, potions, gels, and oils are available to soothe these wavy lines to some extent. Silicone gels, Trofolastin (Centella asiatica), hyaluronic acid, other serums, and moisturizers are some of the most widely used products that are both preventive in nature and often reduce visibility of marks to some extent. However, significant elimination can be brought by other laser treatments.

2. Fractional lasers Fractional lasers have revolutionized the medical industry and with laser resurfacing the overlying skin can be restructured. It is probably the only US FDA approved, non-invasive method to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Being a non-surgical procedure, it involves minimal downtime and is considered as a first line treatment.

3. Fractional Microneedle RadiofrequencyThis process is equipped doubly with the lasers and superficial microneedles to reduce stubborn stretch marks by going deeper into the skin. The dimensions and texture of the marks are targeted in order to bring about rapid reduction.

All these stretch marks reduction treatments are designed to improve the overall texture and appearance of stretch marks. The outcome and results are dependent on various factors like age of the marks, target area, skin type, and skin texture.

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