22 Jan 2020
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Why Choose Medfacials Over Regular Salon Facials?

Most of the women and men visit salons for a beauty regime to keep the skin rejuvenated and glowing. Medfacial or medical facial is an advanced medical treatment that must be performed under the supervision of a skin specialist using ingredients that are skin-friendly and are medically proven to benefit the skin. The salon facial is based on the chemical bleaching principle rather than using essential vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients to treat the skin concerns from deep inside. Medfacial components provide an instant brightening effect as well as combat the signs of aging and provide impressive results without any side effects.

Medfacial treatments are designed to treat particular skin conditions and are safe for all skin types. These are tailored to restore and repair the skin which makes the face hydrated and glowing. Medfacial treatment can be customized to treat skin conditions like dehydrated and dull skin, signs of aging, sun damage, and pigmentation. With this facial, an individual can experience soft supple and radiating healthy skin. This also promotes cell regeneration and provides long-term benefits as intraceuticals and the serums are involved in this treatment.

So, the biggest advantage that medfacials have over salon facials is that med facials are customized according to the requirement of the patient and therefore, are more beneficial for the skin.

Med facials ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers and have a better and long-lasting effect as this treatment involves the application of certain medicinal formulation that treat skin concerns effectively, and provides a rejuvenated look. Medfacials also involve the use of a few chemical peels and laser machines as and when required. The adequate moisturization helps to regain a fresh and healthy look. Gentle exfoliation with skin brightening serums revitalizes the skin providing a vibrant look. Anti-aging medfacials enhance the tightness of the skin, and they are proven to be more beneficial for the skin.

Medfacial is a standard procedure of 45-90 min which transforms the skin by providing healthier looking skin, a deep clean, using a revitalizing massaging technique. Through this treatment, an individual will get a radiant, younger and healthy-looking skin inside out.

Following are the benefits of medfacials over regular facials

1. Medical Treatment

Regular facials do not address any particular skin concerns but only exfoliate the outer skin layer. Whereas before proceeding with a medical facial the skin expert evaluates the skin and then suggests a suitable treatment for individual concerns.

2. Personally Tailor-made Treatment Plans

The biggest benefit of medfacial is that it can be personalized to address specific concerns. Aestheticians will add new steps or skip some as per what an individual’s skin needs. Serum infusion is also an integral part of medfacials such as hydrating serum, brightening serum etc. Medfacials function on the cellular level, unlike the other regular salon facials that work only on the upper layer of the skin, so the effect is deeper and long-lasting.

3. Clinically Proven

Medfacials treatments improve the skin health. Dr. Parag Telang has picked the super quality science-based products to heal, revitalize and rekindle the skin. Medfacials use the only highly functional, natural and allergic free ingredients which provide youthful and more radiant skin.

4. Targets Specific Concerns

Medfacials can be done for dull, dry, oily, lifeless, and blotchy skin. This reduces redness, lessens wrinkles, smooths fine lines, decreases pigmentation, unclogs pores, reduces sun-damaged skin, improves skin laxity, boosts collagen production, boosts cellular turnover, and removes the broken capillaries. It makes the skin complexion even-toned and skin texture smooth.

5. Suitable for all Skin Types and Ages

Whether oily, dry or combination skin medfacials can be equally beneficial for all. Since the procedure is customised for each individual, there’re no chances of side-effects rather some medfacials help even with deep rooted skin problems like pigmentation.

Medfacials are often chosen over regular facials as they are much more effective and have impressive results. They are safe and have no to minimal downtime.